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My Story

the name Blue Mallee is inspired by my childhood town - Gnowangerup, a typical wheat and sheep farming town in the Mallee Country in the Southwest of Western Australia


Blue Mallee was founded in 2015 and it was here that my polymer clay journey began.


I’m Nicole Boucher and my polymer clay journey began in 2015.  I design and make polymer clay jewellery, mosaics and old-world journals in one of the most beautiful settings in Australia—Darwin, Northern Territory, where I live with my partner, Steve, and a menagerie of wildlife that choose to live in our garden. 


The name Blue Mallee is inspired by my childhood town—Gnowangerup, a typical wheat and sheep farming town in the Mallee Country in the Southwest of Western Australia.  Gnowangerup is also named as the place of the malleefowl in Aboriginal language. 




I’ve been designing and making polymer clay jewellery and other creative pieces since 2014. But making creative gifts for family and friends has always been a big part of my life.


My passion for creating beads with polymer clay was kindled by a talented local artist, at a workshop in Darwin. For me, it was the beginning of a creative awakening that opened a wider and more beautiful world, where I experienced a shift in vision and felt more connected with my surroundings, with nature, with others.


So there began my exciting and satisfying journey with creativity and polymer clay. 

My Story (Anchor)

M Y    P O L Y M E R    C L A Y    C R E A T I O N S

My jewellery and other creative pieces are inspired by the natural world. For each handcrafted piece, I aim to capture nature’s endless bounties—shapes, forms, textures, colours, landscapes and seascapes. And I can’t resist the vibrancy of tropical sunsets and flowers, like frangipani and bougainvillea. I also find an abundance of beauty and inspiration in ancient patterns and carvings of old-decaying objects.


My jewellery and mosaics are expertly crafted using polymer clay and wiring techniques that I’ve perfected and mastered over time. Each piece is one of a kind and a labour of love that celebrates individuality and the unique qualities that are within. 


Since this journey began, my jewellery and mosaic creations—from pendants and earrings to photo frames and trinket boxes and journals—have been enjoyed by people from all over the world. 


I am full of gratitude for the opportunity to bring joy to others through my polymer clay art. 


Thank you!


Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet. Feel free to browse my polymer clay creations that have been made with love and kindness—I hope you discover a piece that leaves you feeling uplifted and optimistic, and brings you immense joy. 




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