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What is

Polymer Clay?

 my addiction since 2015


Polymer clay is such an exciting and extremely versatile art medium to work with.

Polymer clay is a manmade clay that has been used by artists for the last few decades. 


It is comprised of polymers, resins, colouring agents and fillers in a polyvinyl (PVC) base.

The Process (Anchor)

Art made from this medium can be found in major museums and exhibitions around the world.

When it is raw, it is soft and pliable, you can stamp it, texture it, mix it with other materials and blend it to create new colours. 


It becomes hard when it is cured at low temperatures. 


After curing it can be carved, scratched, sanded painted and polished.

Items made from polymer clay are durable, fade-resistant and waterproof.  Use your commonsense and give your lovingly made polymer clay art piece the respect it deserves. 


Polymer clay can be cleaned using a soft damp cloth if required.

Because of the nature of this amazing medium, no two pieces are ever the same. 


Each piece is unique and an individual piece of art!

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