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My Visit to Samunnat Nepal

I feel extremely privileged to of had the opportunity of finally meeting the beautiful polymer clay women at Samunnat Nepal in Jhapa, Eastern Nepal.

I was one of the six Australian women in the 2019 A Colourful Journey group. We came from Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory. This trip was extra special as I was travelling with my beautiful daughter, Temika.

Samunnat means to flourish in Nepali and this is reflected in the beautiful polymer clay jewellery that these talented women make, which is then sold around the world to help raise funds for this amazing organisation. This organisation supports women who have been affected by domestic violence.

We, The Colourful Journey group spent a wonderful day with the Samunnat women. They showed us how to make these beautiful petal bracelets, which truly represent Nepali life as the colours are made from everyday Nepali spices.

We used pepper, turmeric and cinnamon - who would of thought!

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