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Whispers of the Past

This unique handmade journal takes me back to my recent visit to Nepal, it brings back beautiful memories of all the exotic fabric and jewellery I was fortunate to see. Included are a couple of sheets of handmade paper made from the Daphne bush by skilled Nepalese women from the high Himalayan region, land of the Sherpas, Llamas, prayer flags and Mount Everest where ancient processes are still being used.  Other decorative inserts have also been added, along with a handmade bookmark.  The 160 pages in this journal were all hand torn and distressed, then hand-stitched, the type of stitching used in the spine allows the journal to open flat for ease of writing and also adds a nice feature.  Every journal is unique and special and one of a kind.  If used under normal conditions your art piece will last a very long time.

Whispers of the Past

SKU: 2016
  • polymer clay, paint, 120gsm paper, waxed thread, card stock, Nepali handmade paper, embellishments

  • length - 16.5cm, width 12cm, thickness - 4.3cm, approximately A6, number of pages - 160