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100 Year Old Beads!

Beautiful and very old glass millefiori (a thousand flowers) beads which have been sitting

in a box for many, many years.

These amazing beads belong to Sally, she said that they were her Grandmothers and are over 100 years old. Her Grandmother picked them up coming to Australia from the UK many years ago and Sally thinks she purchased them in Port Said in Egypt. There are all that are left: just three large and two small beads. I was so excited to be given these to work with, I decided to wire wrap the beads using bronze wire and use bronze findings as I wanted to keep the old world charm, and then to make the piece 'pop' I added a couple of brightly coloured acrylic beads. I feel all the components added worked well. Sally was very happy with the final piece and said that after all these years these very old beads can now be worn again!

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