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Burnt Red

Some weeks back I was given two bags of beads; one red and the other black with one instruction 'can you turn these into two necklaces; one black and one red?'. Sally had visited a friends shop in Darwin (Warehouse 73) where she knew there was a gigantic bowl of beads, she sat for ages sifting through the thousands of beads in that bowl and came up with some rather unusual black and burnt red beads. Again it was fun working out how to place them and as Sally wanted them to sit comfortably around the base of the neckline, I thought threading them onto beading wire would be perfect. I had to raid my own stash as they were a little short to get the piece to the required length. In this piece 'Burnt Red' I added some black beads, black glass and some brass finding which worked perfectly. See my next post for the partner, 'Midnight'

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