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Russian Green

Purchased from some monks!

This unusual piece was given as a gift and is said to have been purchased from some monks at a monastery between Moscow and St Petersburg many years ago and over time the thread had perished and the beads were coming loose.

I was curious as to what the stone was and after doing some research, I came up with 'Russian Serpentine'; it is said to be a powerful kundalini activation stone and an excellent healing crystal.

This necklace had originally been threaded with two rows of thread through the larger squarish shaped beads and a single thread for the round beads. I pulled it all apart and decided to break up the larger beads as it looked quite heavy. The finished necklace is a little shorter that it originally was as the owner of this gorgeous piece prefers something that sits comfortably around the nap of the neck. Beading wire was used to give extra strength and just six beads were left, due to making this piece a little shorter.

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